What is with the weather??? This is one ‘off summer’ we are having so far.

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In the interior of BC, most were able to get their hay crops off, first cut and some a second already. But the Albertans must be having trouble with their crops (as with other provinces I suspect) – snow and hail in late June/early July? Yikes!

After many lessons and clinics in the sport of ‘Mountain Trail’ I entered my first competition in early July at Circle Creek Equestrian Centre’s ‘Sagewood Mountain Trail Park’ outside of Kamloops BC. Since I was riding, I didn’t get any photos of me (or arranged for them) – but someone took this one – and I thank you. It was great fun (despite the miserable weather on Saturday)… lots of nice people, and of all ages… see page 23 for more info on the event.

Speaking of ages… those of you 55 and over, don’t forget to e-mail bruce_cummings@telus.net and express your interest to participate (riding, driving or volunteering) at the 2017 55+ BC Games. They need to hear our support in order for the ‘equine’ portion to happen here in the Vernon/Armstrong area next year. Come on folks… who REALLY has the largest horse population in BC??? Get on board, please!

Ride on!



Horse Council of BC



  • Facing The Demons… 6
  • Working Equitation… 8
  • CQHA Youth World Cup… 9
  • Can You See The Trees… 10
  • Chilliwack’s Mane Event… 13
  • Calgary Stampede (Part 1)… 14
  • WD – Turn on the Forehand… 16
  • Gaited Horse Show… 18
  • Xtreme Wild Rose… 22
  • Mountain Trail… 23
  • BC Morgan Horse Show… 24
  • The Caravan Film… 32

    And so much more!!

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