Fall is fast arriving – kinda scary – where did the summer go when we were all bit**ing about the heat?

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...and the fire season was in full force, hopefully now the weather will settle things down a bit. But no snow till end of November… please??

I enjoyed reading E.J. MacDonald’s story on page 2, hopefully that will give some of you ideas or options on what to do with ‘that’ horse. Personally, I could not sell or rid an older horse… he/she is mine for keeps, to take care of till death do us part. But for some of you, as E.J. mentions, if that older horse is still capable of bringing joy to someone’s life, and the horse is “healthy” then by all means let that horse go to someone who needs the famous ‘babysitter’ to teach a new (young or older) person all about horses (I love those stories!). But I do disagree with those wanting to unload an aged horse (who now needs special care) – that is a whole other story and… just my opinion.

We have so many different stories in this month’s issue and still LOTS of events in the What’s Happening calendar… so get out there, enjoy riding, enjoy your horse…enjoy it all… before the snow flies (yikes!) See you at our Poker Ride September 6th at Timber Ridge Trails in Lumby BC; fundraiser for the BC Interior Morgan Horse Club. All breeds and sizes welcome!



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  • When You Don’t Want Me Anymore  2
  • Alberta Wish Rides – Riders Wanted  3
  • Mane Event – Chilliwack  7
  • American Horsewoman’s Challenge 11
  • Road Trips (How to Protect…)   12
  • Saddle Fitting & Common Sense  14
  • The “Canadian” Endangered Again  17
  • Quesnel Young Rider  18
  • Solving Problems Using Long Lines   21
  • Wendell Monical: A Cowboy’s Cowboy  28
  • Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games  30
    And so much more!!

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