A new year, new beginnings, new dreams and goals for all, and a fresh new look for Saddle Up!

Saddle Up Magazine Shop OnlineIt was nice having the month of December off (although I did work a little); and I managed to do 10 jigsaw puzzles (was my own marathon per se!).

Events are already starting to cram my calendar – it’s going to be one busy year for sure! I really enjoyed putting this issue together as it has a bit of something for everyone – as you will see (read). Enjoy!

Still a fan of printed material? Me too. I like to hold the ‘paper’ in my hand, whether it’s the community newspaper(s) or my favourite magazine(s). Your/my eyes can only take so many pixels per hour AND so much of the **** online. While googling on the internet (yes, I do that) I found a comment that I want to share with you…

If you’re browsing the web with six tabs open and the television on in the background, you may not be that receptive to all the advertising going on around you. But if you’re reading a newspaper or magazine, you’re generally focused on just that. Newspapers/magazines are used by consumers; they are the primary or exclusive medium 85% of the time. In other words, most of the time someone is reading ‘a print copy’, they’re not multitasking.

I agree. And you just might cut out that paper advertisement, or article, or photo of little Janie or little Bobby, and post it on your fridge.

To a SOCIALLY great year! Happy Valentine’s Day!

All the best,


Horse Council of BC



  • Trail Riding – It’s a Wonderful Life!... 8
  • Renshaw Horse Crosses Rainbow Bridge… 10
  • History of Saddles… 12
  • Tough Love… 14
  • What is Pony Club?... 16
  • Secret Windows – Eyes of a Horse… 18
  • Western Dressage (Benefits), Part 1… 22
  • Cariboo Horsey Ladies… 26
  • Horsey Ladies Okanagan… 27
  • SPCA Happy Endings… 30
  • Cowgirls Reunion… 35
    And so much more!!

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