Snow is still flying on the higher mountain passes, this is one crazy winter!

Bay Watch

Saddle Up Magazine Shop OnlineOur property is snow free now, and our seasonal creek has returned, and my “BAY”watch babes are enjoying the slow arrival of Spring.

Sorry to hear that a popular Canadian horse magazine has reduced their printed copies (to 2 issues per year) and going digital for the other months. I realize it’s all about keeping up with the times, and using technology to the max, but I am still a believer in ‘holding’ a copy. Besides, I do not enjoy the idea of staring at a screen for any longer than I have to. I had a gal send in a KIDS submission after seeing the ‘printed’ magazine in the biffy of a stable. Now I really doubt that would have happened if we were just digital! Smiley

Enjoy the upcoming show season everyone! See you out there.


Horse Council of BC



  • Lifestyle, Diet & Horsemanship… 6
  • Equine Facility Design & Construction… 9
  • Responding not Reacting… 10
  • World According to Horses… 12
  • Change Requires New Beliefs… 13
  • Rebalance Exercise… 14
  • Laterality – Part 3 (Series)… 16
  • Cowboy Festival Review… 20
  • Getaways… Saddle Up & Go!... 22

And so much more!!

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