This is the magazine’s 18th Anniversary… and I haven’t changed a bit – ha!

Saddle Up

We’ve stuck it out… and still are… and I thank our readers, subscribers, our advertisers, and all the contributors over the years.

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Being a free magazine hasn’t been easy, as there are no grants or funding available for freebies. Had I put a price tag on the cover, and started charging (like other magazines); Saddle Up would then be eligible. But who needs that monthly paperwork headache with over 300 outlets to account for… certainly not me. So FREE we are. Please keep on enjoying.

I thought to bring you a special feature showing some our talented equine artists in BC and Alberta. I know there are many more out there, but these artists were the first to get in on it; and we could only showcase so many. Maybe we’ll do another down the road.

The Thoroughbred societies sent us their BC and Alberta Sale reports. Unbelievable the price tag on these young ones, which to me states, the equine industry is still strong and alive! If you’ve noticed some of Bruce Roy’s reports on the Draft Horse industry, they too sell at high prices.

One more issue to go (December) and then I can take a break before we resume in 2019 with the February issue. And that means… JIGSAW PUZZLE time!

Enjoy the lovely fall weather and colours!



Horse Council of BC



  • Investigating a Cough… 3
  • Equine Artists…  5, 18-22
  • Keeping it Real… 6
  • Yearling Sales… 8-9
  • Somatics and Riding – Part 1… 10
  • Lippizan Stallions… 12
  • Will You Adopt Paddy?... 13
  • World Nomad Games… 14
  • Mongol Derby… 15
  • Mountain Trail Championship… 17
  • Interior Provincial Exhibition (Pt 2)… 30

And so much more!!

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