The end of another year is approaching and so is the snow – won’t be long now for most of us!

Saddle Up 2016

I had a great time, as usual, at The Mane Event in Chilliwack along with my faithful helpers Ruby and Barb. We even had live entertainment at our booth a couple of times over the weekend! Thanks Sturt(?) of Trace Embroidery.

Saddle Up Magazine Shop OnlineWe have Part 2 of the Gift Guide in this issue with more gift ideas (see Part 1 in November), so do check the guide out!

Both Horsey Ladies Charity Auctions (one in Vernon, the other in Interlakes/Cariboo) were a tremendous success… more about those in the February issue.
Time for me to get into my ‘jigsaw puzzle’ habit while I have some time off in December. I still think we should have a ‘puzzle exchange’ party!

Our What’s Happening calendar has lots of dates already for 2017 – if your club has their dates set, send them in, might help others not to book on the same date in your area.

REMINDER:  There is no January issue – so next deadline is January 6th for the February issue.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!



Horse Council of BC



  • Garrocha – A Dance… 6
  • Trainer – Option… 8
  • Alberta Wish Ride… 10
  • Bitless Bridles… 11
  • Live Each Day with Courage… 12
  • Traditional Cattle Drive… 14
  • Western Dressage World Show… 16
  • Finding Routes on Vancouver Island… 18
  • Christmas Gift Guide (Part 2)… 25

    And so much more!!

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