Even though 2014’s ‘Year of the Horse’ is over, I say not… it should always be about the HORSES!

Speaking of which, we have a few stories in this issue that may be of interest, including the introduction of a newly formed (equine) ‘Coalition’; and an eye-opening story on ‘Rescues’ (part 1); amongst many other good reads.

Saddle Up Magazine Shop OnlineAre you a riding instructor or trainer? Maybe you’ll share the same opinion of Stacy Sutton’s “Trainer’s Perspective” article. You might want to post this one in your barn!

I hope we have some Canadian horsewomen entering the American Horsewoman’s Challenge this year. As of our deadline no Canadians have yet entered. If you do… Let us know!

Do check out our “What’s Happening” Calendar page… events and activities are pouring in! We may not be able to print all the dates in the magazine, but they are ALL on our website.

Thanks again to Andrea Blair of Paper Horse Photography, for featuring my “Bobbi” (age 28) in her book “The Senior Horse Project,” amongst 44 other senior horses. Congratulations to all those that love (and 'keep') their older horses - they still have so much to give. (Andrea’s photo above is of Bobbi)

And please REMEMBER, our new deadline is the 5th of each month to receive ads, articles, club news, etc. (with a few days grace of course).

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  • New ‘Equine’ Coalition… 5
  • American Horsewoman’s Challenge… 6
  • Rescues (Part 1)… 8
  • CDE Second Phase (Part 3)… 10
  • Evaluating Hoof Health… 12
  • Is Your Coach Full of …. ? … 14
  • Canadian Western Agribition… 16
  • Environmental Challenges… 18
  • An Instructor/Trainer’s Perspective… 20
  • Saddle Fitting (Blankets & Pads)… 22
    And so much more!!

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